Lake Como Trail #502

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Trail-er:  Lake Como Trail #502 is the perfect trail for everyone.  It has it all and is the quintessential trail for all ages and abilities.  It has beautiful views of Como Lake and Como Peaks, a destination (Como Falls) , little elevation gain, can be an in/out or a round trip,  easy access and even wheelchair and stroller compatible for the first third of a mile. This is one of my favorite hikes for out of town guest. It can be hiked year round. If you go on a hot spring day; make sure to check for ticks.

Directions to Trailhead:  Head south from Hamilton approximately 12 miles or north from Darby approximately 4 miles to Lake Como Road and head west.  After about 3 miles turn right towards the beach and camping areas.  You will drive past the beach, pass the picnic area to the end of the road where there is parking for the trailhead.  There is a pit toilet and drinking water at the trailhead.  This is a popular trail for hikers, bikers and dog walkers especially between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  It is also a fee area between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Tip:  It’s easy to speed on Como Lake Road without even knowing it.  The speed limit is 35 and the highway patrol enjoy cruising the area

Trail Rating; 1 (on a scale of 1-5; 1 being easiest) Just because this trail is rated a 1 doesn’t mean you die hards should skip Como Trail.  It’s a beautiful walk that should be enjoyed by everyone.

Trail Description (option A in and out):  Lake Como Trail #502 starts out on a paved trail with interpretive signs and benches for the first 1/3 of a mile.  Then it turns into a regular single file dirt trail.  It’s a rolling up and down trail the entire way.  There are  a couple of creek crossings (depending on the time of the year) that are easily crossed over rocks.  It’s 3 miles to Como Falls and to the bridge that crosses over Rock Creek.  Just before the bridge there is a Y in the trail and it is marked.  The Y marks the end of Como Trail #502 and it joins Rock Creek Trail #580.  You will want to turn to the left.  This will take you to the bridge which is just ahead.  This is a great place to explore and have a picnic or even camp.  Walk up the creek a bit for some fantastic fews of the falls from both sides of the bridge.  Option A is to walk back out the way you came in for a 6 mile hike round trip hike

Shooting Stars in bloom in late April

Shooting Stars in bloom in late April

.  The trail on this side of the lake is easier and shorter than continuing on around the lake; which is Option B.

Trail Description (Option B):  Coming soon.



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Join me as we discover what the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana have to offer.  Mostly we’ll be hiking together.  Occasionally we’ll go on some mountain bike rides.  There will also be some cross-country skiing and snow shoeing .  We may even float a few rivers in the area.  Each adventure will be rated for difficulty, will have directions to the trailhead, trail descriptions and miscellaneous,  yet helpful information.  I will throw in a few tips for the trail and review some necessary accessories for outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains.